Corporate and Foundation Partners

Be a Partner In Change

Your collaboration allows us to contribute to the economic development that will shape the future of the State of Florida and beyond. With your partnership, we can continue our growth in becoming a leading research and technology institution. Partnering with industry grants Florida Polytechnic University the resources it needs to shape and create industries, develop top talent and innovate for the future.

Engaging Florida Poly in any way helps educate the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Collaboration opportunities, scholarships and additional support offer a customized approach that allows you to show your support and make an impact.

Thank you for considering a gift to Florida Polytechnic University.

Collaboration Opportunities

Internship and Career Opportunities

Be the first to tap emerging high-tech talent by extending internship and job opportunities to students during and after college. As an internship sponsor, your company will have the first opportunity to hire our career-ready graduates.

Student Projects

Sponsor research in the classroom by providing a challenge for Florida Poly students to solve. Companies benefit from having a team of innovative, entrepreneurial students work for them, and the student receives hands-on experience that prepares them for the job market.

Faculty Consulting

Consulting grants Florida Poly faculty the opportunity to grow professionally and consulting recipients benefit from the insight of a professor with deep industry background.


Florida Poly’s advocates are a network of engaged people who care about the university and are prepared to promote its economic, educational and research contributions in Florida and beyond.

Presentations and Lectureships

Florida Poly is committed to expanding our students’ experience by bringing distinguished speakers to campus to engage in discussion. We are looking for speakers to come and individuals or companies to provide lectureship funds to sponsor lectureships.