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As the newest addition to the State University System of Florida, Florida Polytechnic University has unique programming focused solely on engineering and technology. Established in 2012, beginning classes in 2014 and graduating the first class in January 2017, Florida Poly has built a modern and progressive campus, curriculum and culture from scratch.

The Florida Polytechnic University Foundation, in partnership with support of the community, has provided scholarship support for the first three classes of students.  As we move forward, the Foundation Board is committed to supporting the University President’s priorities.  These efforts, together with your engagement, allows us to grow and make a difference in the state of Florida’s economy and beyond.

University Priorities

University Priorities

The Florida Polytechnic University Foundation fosters the mission of the University by helping to name, develop and expand programs, institutes and centers for innovation. Explore some of the great programs on campus:

Attract, Develop & Retain Top STEM Talent

Attract, develop and retain top STEM talent in order to support Florida’s growing need for a highly-skilled, highly-trained workforce in the fields of advanced technology and engineering. This is imperative for the state to remain competitive in a technology disrupted world.

Secure Funding for the Applied Research Center (ARC)

Grow Florida Poly’s impact on the economy by providing a venue for translational faculty research and student projects. The Applied Research Center (ARC) will provide much-needed research space that is currently not available on campus. The space is critical in supporting our project-based curriculum and creating an environment for students and faculty to live out our technology-based mission.

Develop the Advance Mobility Institute (AMI)

Build a nationally recognized institute, the Advanced Mobility Institute (AMI), and supporting research park that creates a high-technology economy around connected and autonomous vehicles.

Enhance Academic, Career Services & Facilities

Provide a world-class educational environment with top-tier faculty, a rigorous curriculum, advanced research equipment and a focus on the all-around success of our students.

Advance the Center for Entrepreneurship

Continue to build a program that facilitates entrepreneurship through investments in startups and early-stage companies. Florida Poly will create an entrepreneurial culture, educational and student venture support.

Establish a Leadership Institute

Establish a leadership institute to advance principle-based best practices for technology innovators and companies in a world challenged by the proliferation of technology that is changing our social and working environments. Provide leadership and critical soft-skill development for all students to ensure they graduate ready to lead high-performance professional teams.

Implement the Center for Technology in Education (CTE)

Move STEM education from the industrial age to the information age. Advance the content and delivery of technology education via the Center for Technology in Education (CTE) in order to incorporate the application of information (Internet of things, artificial intelligence and data analytics) into the full continuum of technology research, manufacturing, and delivery.

Recent Highlights

A New Way To Generate Power

Sophomore Michael Jernigan believes in renewable energy—so he took matters into his own hands. Read about Jernigan’s latest invention, “HeatRise,” and how it uses differences in temperature to generate electricity.

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The Next to Build the Future

Students in Florida Polytechnic University’s Next Tech Entrepreneurs club learn about the fundamentals of a start-up and what they can do to go to the next level. Read about how students are better preparing for their futures as CEO’s and CFO’s.

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Student Lands $12k Grant to Study Space Radiation

Florida Polytechnic University sophomore Payton Barnwell was recently awarded a $12,000 grant through the Florida Space Research Program. Learn about her project testing the effects of radiation in space.

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