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Below are a few of the ways Florida Polytechnic University Foundation is making an impact and breaking new ground. Be sure to check by often to stay up-to-date with the latest headlines.

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Printing Success: The Next to Break the Mold

Entrepreneurs will tell you it takes money to make money, especially for a start-up. But what if there was a way to create a nearly self-sustaining business? That’s the vision of Brandon Lemos, a junior studying Computer Science and InformationLEARN MORE

Cooking Perfection: The Next to Get Creative

You’ve heard of smartphones and smart cars. But how about a smart toaster? A team of Florida Polytechnic University students have developed a prototype toaster that delivers a perfectly toasted piece of bread every time. The project was creative enoughLEARN MORE

Flying High: The Next to Evolve Technology

Research at Florida Poly is probing how to program a group of drones to respond to a single command post. For example, five drones under the direction of one pilot could fly a rigid grid pattern or fly in concentricLEARN MORE

World-Changers: The Next To Give Back

  “Making the world a better place” is more than a cliché for Carl-Edwin Rigaud and his twin brother, Marc-Edwin Riguad. The Florida Poly juniors grew up in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and a frequent targetLEARN MORE

Logistically Speaking: The Next To Go Full-Time

Matt Edwards admits with a grin that he’s “a bit of a perfectionist.” So it’s not a surprise he chose a career in logistics. “If you can find a job that suits your personality, that’s what you need to pursue,”LEARN MORE

Big Picture: The Next To Expand Horizons

Tova Jones relies on more than books to gain knowledge. Sure, classroom instruction at Florida Polytechnic University has given this sophomore greater understanding of science and technology. But nothing can replace the real-world experience that comes from internships and networking.LEARN MORE