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Time Saver: The Next to Find Strength in Numbers

Seconds on the clock usually seem insignificant. But Calvin Ingram knows better. The Florida Polytechnic University junior deals in time and efficiency. It’s the basis of his study of Mechanical Engineering and Motion Intelligence. Motion intelligence examines the movement ofLEARN MORE

Taking Off: The Next to Create a Hero

“Impossible” is a meaningless word at Florida Poly. Dorian Alberti can prove it. Back in 2008, the freshman saw the first Iron Man movie in theater. It was love at first sight. The mechanics, the action, engineering; all of itLEARN MORE

Pitching Greatness: The Next to Build the Future

You won’t find presidents or treasurers in Florida Polytechnic University’s Next Tech Entrepreneurs club. Instead, they’re preparing for their future with titles like CEO and CFO. “We wanted to create a place where we could learn the fundamentals of aLEARN MORE

All Booked : The Next To Improve Convenience

Florida Poly students are natural problem solvers. Just ask Gabriel Hutchison, a junior who applied his Computer Science studies to a problem every college student can relate to: class enrollment. More specifically, how to coordinate open classes and their specificLEARN MORE

Improving Life: The Next to Change Healthcare

A new app in development at Florida Polytechnic University could be a game changer for people with diabetes. The app serves as a personal assistant of sorts for diabetics by reminding them to check their blood glucose levels, providing themLEARN MORE

Virtually There: The Next to Pioneer a New Reality

Alec Maier is a pioneer in the truest sense of the word. The Florida Polytechnic University freshman stands among the growing group of game developers testing the limits of virtual reality. He’s already developed a bestselling game in Holopoint, anLEARN MORE