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First Students Graduate from Florida Polytechnic University

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University graduated its first ever class during a historic commencement ceremony on campus Tuesday. Eighteen students received degrees in Innovation and Technology, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Florida Poly was established to beLEARN MORE

Student Lands $12K Grant To Study Space Radiation

It could be decades before humans make it to the rocky surface of Mars, but Florida Polytechnic University sophomore Payton Barnwell is already working to get them there safely. Having landed a $12,000 grant through the Florida Space Research Program,LEARN MORE

Mosquito Busters: The Next to Tackle Disease

Zika virus, meet your match. A pair of Florida Polytechnic University students are researching a method for eliminating mosquitoes without the use of chemicals or hurting other insects. Their weapon is an audible frequency that disturbs a fine-tuned sensory organLEARN MORE

International Agreement Opens Up Research Opportunity

Florida Polytechnic University students can develop and research green technology in one of the fastest growing countries in the world thanks to a newly signed agreement with Panjab University in India. The agreement opens up a talent exchange between theLEARN MORE

StrikeSense: The Next To Revolutionize Sports

Jenario Johnson has an invention he thinks is a knockout. It’s called StrikeSense, and it answers a problem the Florida Poly junior noticed in his martial arts classes. Two instructors teaching a class of 20 couldn’t accurately keep track ofLEARN MORE

Hot Topic: The Next to Reimagine Energy

Think about how much heat builds up inside an attic on a summer day. Now, convert that heat into a source of energy and you’ve got the basis for Michael Jernigan’s latest invention. It’s called “HeatRise,” and it harnesses differencesLEARN MORE