From the Desk of Vice President of Advancement Kevin Aspegren

Kevin Aspegren

VP of Advancement and CEO of Florida Poly Foundation

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Kevin Aspegren on fostering student dreams and advancing the future of STEM.

What was your big dream growing up?

Maybe you’re living it now. Or perhaps you wish you had a do-over to pursue your dream of being a concert pianist, CEO or astronaut. Students at Florida Poly are starting their dreams right now. They found a university that will nurture their ambition and dare them to make the impossible happen. It’s also giving them a deep background in the STEM fields that interest them most. This happens because of your generosity.

The Florida Polytechnic University Foundation was created to form scholarships from donations and give students opportunities to pursue their dreams. But the long-term impact of your donation extends far beyond the individual. Because Florida Poly focuses exclusively on STEM, our students are graduating with the skills most needed to advance our state’s and nation’s economies. Foundation scholarships also bring students to a university where faculty with deep industry backgrounds can mentor and share their experiences in the real world with students. That business experience extends to our industry partners, who provide internships and guest lectures that prepare students for STEM careers. This holistic approach creates a well-rounded student ready to test the boundaries of technology. That benefits everyone.

As we begin 2017, our supporters will see new opportunities to build up the University. By sponsoring a faculty chair and contributing to graduate fellowships, new faculty and students can bring their talents to the University. Donations to Phoenix Funds provides flexible resources faculty and administrative leaders can use to make smart investments on promising lines of research.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Florida Poly and its march into the frontiers of science, technology and engineering. It is with sincere gratitude that I and the rest of the Foundation thank you for your selfless giving to make this possible.


Kevin J. Aspegren
Vice President of Advancement
CEO, Florida Poly Foundation, Inc.