Industry & Corporate Engagement

Be a Partner In Change

Your collaboration allows us to contribute to the economic development that will shape the future of the State of Florida and beyond. With your partnership, we can continue our growth in becoming a leading research and technology institution. Partnering with industry grants Florida Polytechnic University the resources it needs to shape and create industries, develop top talent and innovate for the future.

Engaging Florida Poly in any way helps educate the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Collaboration opportunities, scholarships and additional support offer a customized approach that allows you to show your support and make an impact.

Thank you for considering a gift to Florida Polytechnic University.

Corporate Supporters

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Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration Opportunities


Be the first to connect with the best and brightest emerging STEM talent. As an internship sponsor, your company will have the first opportunity to hire the career ready students graduating from Florida Poly. Contact the Foundation to learn more.


Industry professionals are an essential piece of developing well-rounded students. Your company can participate in mentorship programs to educate students about your business.

Sponsored Research

Play a critical role in supporting the research activities of Florida Poly faculty. This can help spur technology innovations and cutting edge advancements in society and solve real-world problems.

Student Projects

Sponsor research in the classroom by providing a challenge for Florida Poly students to solve. Companies benefit from having a team of innovative, entrepreneurial students work for them, and the student receives hands-on experience that prepares them for the job market.

Faculty Consulting

Consulting grants Florida Poly faculty the opportunity to grow professionally and consulting recipients benefit from the insight of a professor with deep industry background.


Florida Poly’s advocates are a network of engaged people who care about the university and are prepared to promote its economic, educational and research contributions in Florida and beyond.

Florida Poly Fellows

Support the University through an interactive giving level that provides your organization the opportunity to connect with the leaders of the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation.



General Scholarship

The general scholarship fund is reserved for those students with the greatest need and highest merit. It allows students to attend Florida Poly and graduate without the added pressure of financial debt.

Presidential Scholarship

Provides $16,000, covering all expenses, for the students who win the President’s Club Scholarship Competition. In this competition, participants must present a solution to a current problem in society. Winners are graded upon innovation, rationale/impact, value, presentation, a question and answer session and style.

The Johnson Scholarship

Awarded to students with documented disabilities and demonstrated financial need. Matching funds from the Johnson Scholarship Foundation allow your gift to be doubled for students.

First Generation Scholarship

Awarded to students who are the first in their family to pursue a degree. Matching funds allow your gift to be doubled for students.

College of Engineering Scholarship

Awarded to students pursuing degrees within the College of Engineering.

College of Innovation, & Technology Scholarship

Awarded to students pursuing degrees within the College of Innovation and Technology.

Lake Wales Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen graduating from Lake Wales High School.

Joshua D. Crowder Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshman graduating from any public high school in Leon County, Florida pursuing a degree in the College of Innovation and Technology.

Additional Support

Additional Support


Donations may be made into existing endowments:

  • General Endowment Fund
  • Ava Parker Endowed Fund
  • JD Alexander Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Saddle Creek Logistics Endowed Scholarship

Endowments provide the University with ongoing support and are crucial to the long-term growth of the school. Investment policy and primary objectives may be found in the Policy Document Here. The minimum amount to establish an endowment is $100,000.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are available to recognize your relationship with Florida Polytechnic University. Attach your name to a facility, space or a non-physical aspect of the University.

  • Spaces
  • Labs
  • Classrooms
  • Collaboration Rooms
  • Buildings
  • Athletic Fields
  • Faculty Chairs
  • Visiting Professorships
  • Faculty Startup Funds
  • Lectureships
  • Phoenix Funds
  • Create Your Own
Event Sponsorship

All proceeds raised from events go directly toward funding the University’s priorities. By supporting campus events, donors can contribute to both educational initiatives and student scholarships.

Gifts In-Kind

Aim to enhance the quality of education and research through in-kind gifts. These include gifts of equipment, supplies, professional services, software, contract services, art, furnishings, etc.