Charitable Gift Planning

With the help of your advisors, we can work with you to maximize your giving potential to the University. Charitable gift planning can allow you to accomplish your personal and philanthropic goals—all while creating impactful opportunities for current and future Florida Poly students.

Please inform us if your will or estate plan already includes a gift to the University. We will direct your contribution to the areas you are most passionate about.

Why Give

A donation from your estate gives Florida Poly the resources and support it needs to transform central Florida into a hub of innovation and economic activity. With this type of donation, you can:

  • Donate without affecting your yearly income.
  • Get added income through annuities.
  • Receive tax benefits.

Bequests and Estate Gifts

Wills and Living Trusts

Including a gift to Florida Poly in your will has more power than you might think. Your contribution will impact future generations of students and STEM leaders.


  • Maintain control of your assets during your lifetime.
  • Retain flexibility to adjust your gift if circumstances change.
  • Your gift will not affect your finances during your lifetime.

How to Make Your Gift:

After you name “Florida Polytechnic University Foundation” as the recipient of your gift, the Foundation will receive, invest and distribute funds to benefit the University.

Contact the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation for assistance in putting together the language for your gift.