The Florida Poly Alumni Association

Graduation doesn’t signal the end of your journey with Florida Poly. As a member of the Alumni Association, you can join in our efforts to foster the mission of the University, network with fellow alumni and inspire future generations of STEM leaders. To update your Alumni Profile, click here.

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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The Florida Polytechnic University Alumni Association links, informs, and bolsters the lives of alumni, current students and the community surrounding Florida Polytechnic University.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to:

  • Link the mission of the University to the community through a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Inform alumni, friends, and the community of the achievements and needs of the University
  • Bolster the professional and educational goals of the alumni, current students, and University by providing services, networking opportunities, and promoting philanthropic support

To be an internationally reaching resource for alumni, friends, and current students to foster relationships, encourage involvement and establish support for Florida Polytechnic University.



Membership in the Florida Polytechnic University Alumni Association is awarded to any graduate, but can also be acquired by a friend, donor or current student. Your involvement as an alumnus will keep you connected to the University, and play a key role in shaping its future.

Friend and Advocate

The Alumni Association welcomes students who only attended one semester of classes, as well as other supporters who are interested in contributing to the University. These members gain access to alumni events and can participate in association committees. Members also receive communications about current news and accomplishments.

Student Alumni Association

As a current student, you can start to establish your legacy as an Alumnus before you graduate. Membership in the Student Alumni Association grants access to Alumni events and special networking opportunities.

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Philanthropic Membership

Receive additional benefits and increase your involvement with the University through the Philanthropic Membership program. With this membership, you receive all of the free perks of being an alumnus along with additional benefits. More information coming soon!



No membership dues are required to enjoy the benefits your Florida Polytechnic University degree has awarded.

Job Opportunities

Career Services provides up-to-date job openings at local and national companies.  

Florida Poly Perks

Gives alumni access to discounts and perks on local and national goods, services, and recreation.

Stay Connected

Participate in community engagement efforts.

Email with Pride

Keep your Florida Poly mailbox. Details about Alumni specific email domains coming soon!

In The Know

Read about campus events and fellow alumnae happenings through Alumni specific communication.

Get Festive

Attend special Alumni events to network and celebrate accomplishments with students, other alumni, faculty, staff, and industry leaders.